SME Telecoms offer a range of quality broadband internet plans designed specifically for home users. If you're looking for a business or corporate grade connection, SME can tailor a service to meet your needs by hand-picking the best technologies available to deliver your service. With more than 40 interconnections with Major Carriers across six cities in Australia, SME provides a broad range of connection options that vary in speed, contention and price. This allows us to choose from a number of different content delivery methods including ADSL/ADSL2+, NBN, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Wireless, Wireless 3G/4G and Fibre. SME can also custom build ‘last mile’ fixed Point-to-Point Wireless options for those hard to reach places. Contact us now on (07) 5635 0360 and a member of our specialist team will assist you in finding a solution that suits your needs.

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Fixed Wireless Broadband

Here at SME Telecoms we've been specializing in Fixed Wireless Technology for quite a while. Where many providers cannot supply a connection due to area limitations, SME can custom build Wireless infrastructure to support extremely high-grade connections. Put simply, this allows us to reach many areas that most larger providers cannot.

So what exactly is Fixed Wireless Broadband and what does it involve? Fixed Wireless Broadband is a relatively new technology, that has exploded onto the internet access market in recent years. Of course, the main advantage of Fixed Wireless is the lack of cables and wiring, meaning that entire networks can be built to provide access to those with no other options without having to rely on the services provided by some of Australia's larger providers. The basic layout of a Fixed Wireless connection involves a centralized access point, to which a mounted, or fixed, radio antenna can be directed. The radio antenna is then patched to a socket somewhere inside the premises, so that this signal can be converted and transferred to an on-site router, providing high-speed internet for everyone at home or in the office via Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet.

If you're in an area with limited options and need a reliable connection for your home or business, feel free to check our wireless coverage map using the button below, or simply give us a call and a member of our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through the options we can provide.