SME’s centralised Internet gateway on your private IP network facilitates Internet access via one single point to all sites configured on your network. By interconnecting directly into one of SME’s highly available points of presence, this centralised Internet gateway provides your organisation with a more reliable and scalable Internet access. As the Internet gateway is centralised, each of your business sites will directly connect to it without affecting the performance of any other site.

Our centralised Internet gateway service consists of dedicated Ethernet ports and co-location space located at our highly secure data centre facilities. Your high-speed unlimited Internet connection will be managed entirely by SME through one of our data centre locations. You have the option to purchase or rent a firewall from SME or co-locate your firewall. Alternatively you can subscribe to our hosted firewall service delivered on a multi-tenant platform maintained by SME.

Team of technicians using digital cable analyser on servers in large data center

Reduced Cost

Lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing, managing and maintaining only one firewall and paying for one Internet data package across your entire organisation.

Centralised Administration

Monitor all user activity and company- wide security policies from a single point.

Unlimited Internet

With our unlimited Internet traffic plans, you can stop worrying about excess usage charges.

Highly Scalable

Add a virtually limitless number of sites to your private network without affecting performance.