Modern businesses rely heavily on their data. In most cases, a large percentage of a company’s intellectual property is stored on both fixed and portable devices. However, accidents and crashes happen, damaging or erasing the very essence of your business – your data. This is why you need to make sure to provide your business with the best backup service available.

LiveBackup is Australia’s foremost managed data backup and restore provider. Our reliable, secure and technologically advanced online backup service delivers high availability storage and security for small and medium enterprises’ data. It solves the fundamental issues in data protection and managing large volumes of data, including the protection of vital company files, databases and Microsoft Exchange data.


Automated Backup

Simply select the data to back up, the frequency of the backup, and how long it should be kept. No ongoing employee action is required.

On and Offsite Vaults

A secure LiveBackup vault is installed in each of your business locations, enabling instant, local access to backedup data. Additionally, two certified, geographically separated, secure data centres ensure maximum protection.

Instant Restore

Data can be restored within minutes directly from your on-site vault, or almost as quickly from one of the offsite data centre vaults via broadband connection. For larger data volumes, the backup data can be quickly delivered anywhere in Australia.

Fully Managed Service

The services are monitored in real time and a team of IT specialists experienced in all aspects of online backup expertly manages the backed up data. Reports are generated daily.