SME’s managed router solution includes installation of cutting-edge equipment at all of your locations, configuration, maintenance and monitoring, as well as engineering support. Through a sophisticated network performance monitoring tool, NetView, our engineers keep a watchful eye over your WAN routers, proactively screening for issues and responding to any faults as they arise.

Our services include problem detection, isolation, fault restoration, hardware replacement and router configuration management – all performed proactively. Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) team performs backups of your routers’ configuration and restores configuration in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

In addition to this, through NetView we are able to source comprehensive network management reports and near real time statistics to accurately measure the “health” of your network.

While SME undertakes the responsibility of end-to-end management of your network, you retain complete visibility of the network’s performance with the included NetView service and can therefore measure SME against its service level agreements with complete transparency. Authorised users can access the platform with a secure web login from anywhere, at any time to get the information they need about your organisation’s WAN performance.

Improved WAN Performance

enabled through continuous, proactive monitoring and management of your routers to detect and address issues before they impact your business.

Increased Productivity

Offload router management to SME’s experts, so your internal IT staff can dedicate their time to higher priority tasks.

Reliable, Expert Support

Certified network engineers are available to provide prompt, reliable support and make configuration changes to your routers as you request.

Backup Configuration of your Routers

In the unlikely event of router failure, your router configuration can be restored allowing your business to continue unaffected

Plan for Future Growth

Get access to performance history, including bandwidth utilisation and network availability so that you can make informed decisions when planning for network upgrades.

Less IT Emergencies

Avoid costly repairs and network downtime by proactively screening for potential problems and resolving them before they impact your business.