The SME Network can create private IP links between multiple sites across all of Australia. This secure connection enables simple and secure sharing of data (email, video, voice and applications) between all of your sites, independent of the Internet.

Our private IP network solution is designed to enable the delivery of critical business  applications with the highest level of security, reliability and stability to all your locations and remote users, allowing them to work with high efficiency no matter where they are.

SME IP Network

Highly Secure

More secure than virtual private networks (VPN) as site-to-site traffic never travels over the Internet, and therefore requires no encryption.

Fixed Cost

Traffic and data transfer within the private IP network are unlimited.

Improved Performance

With a private network there is no need for costly VPN hardware at each site which diminishes performance by up to 20%.

Simplified Management

Can connect to the Internet via a centralised Internet gateway, eliminating the need for firewalls at each site as well as the cost of managing them.

Best Choice

Access to numerous ‘last mile’ providers means that the best choice is provided to each of your sites depending on the availability and your business requirements.

MPLS Network

Through Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology, we are able to offer different levels of Quality of Service to prioritise traffic, including voice, video, software applications and web traffic depending on the customer’s unique business requirements.