The SME Security Suite is comprised of a number of applications and services, all working in uniform to deliver unprecedented security.  With the evolution of malware and ransomware the traditional protection measures are not enough when operating in isolation. To effectively fight back, you must build a security stack which includes protection at every point. The SME Security Protection suite achieves this by merging leading security technologies into a single service.


The security suite provides protection at three levels; Email, Desktop/Server and Network.


SME Telecoms uses Cisco IronPort to scan every email entering the network through the use of IronPort’s Senderbase technology which analyse over 300 Billion emails per day. The technology is able to identify and block emails in real time stopping Viruses and Spam from reaching your users.

In addition to email scanning, SME monitors your mail records externally and is able to identify and alert when your domain has been compromised and added to a black list.  This first alert technology can also be used as an early warning sign in the unlikely event of an unprotected and infected device entering the network.


The service utilises two leading technologies to protect against threats, the first is SME’s leading Anti-Virus software which defends against traditional Viruses, it uses a signature database to checks every file before execution and blocks access when a virus has been identified.

The second component is SME’s Zero-Day threat and Malware Protection the software which is able to identify malicious code before an Anti-Virus signature has been created. This prevents infection during the first 24-48 hours after a new virus has been released which is typically when you a most vulnerable.


The final layer of protection is at the Network or DNS layer. A common entry point for virus is through the use of website masquerading where the user is presented with a page the looks legitimate, however behind the scene, a malicious virus is attempting to install and take control of your computer. SME uses Open DNS which sees 2% of the world’s internet request or 60 billion daily requests to prevent these Command and Control or ransomware attacks.

With the combination of all these technologies you can be assured that your network, servers and data are obtaining protection at every entry point, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

The simple per user pricing model enables simple purchasing choices along with the flexibility scale up and down as your business grows.